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Sinexcel and Rolec partner to cooperate on DC charging infrastructure in the UK

Sinexcel and Rolec have signed a partnership agreement to deliver DC charging in the UK with high-quality and cost-effective products, which means formally establishing strategic partner relations between the two parties. Not only would this partnership bring EV charging infrastructure to the market, but it would also provide scalable solutions for different charging applications with reliable products and competitive prices to the customers.

The cooperation is based on a mutual understanding of business models and rigorous tests for over 6 months by Sinexcel and Rolec’s technical team, to ensure DC charger products’ stability and compatibility with main electric vehicle models in the European market. “The team is professional, precise, efficient and always surprises us, Rolec's record in EV is amazing, with a deep knowledge of the EV Charging business and always brings us new inspiration,” said Charles Meng, sales manager of Sinexcel.

Rolec is planning to release dozens of 160kW series DC chargers to the market from February 2023, it will be strongly backed by Sinexcel through our powerful supply chain capability, package capability and service assurance competence. “I am delighted to have formed a strategic partnership with Sinexcel, from the initial discussion Rolec felt we had found a partner who shared the same goals as our own,” said Frankie Mellon, sales director of Rolec. “ Both Rolec and Sinexcel excel in customer service, product development and to have a wide product range for all applications at a very cost-effective price point.” As a mature and experienced manufacturer, Sinexcel has the lead time and quality management advantage that is able to meet customer requirements and keep improving customer satisfaction.

The SEC 160kW series DC charger is equipped with 20kW power modules, thanks to the modular design it supports flexible configuration for the power range of 60-160kW by adding or reducing the amount of power modules. Rolec will keep 160kW series DC chargers in stock for fast delivery to customers, especially for fleets and highways in the UK. Now, Sinexcel has charging solutions of 7-22kW AC charging and 60-480kW DC charging, and will keep expanding products to rapidly respond to the market.

Sinexcel and Rolec contribute to reducing carbon emission and promoting sustainable emobility solutions, establishing deeper cooperation toward the common objective.

About Sinexcel

Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd. is the global leading supplier of energy Internet core power equipment and solutions, dedicated to providing customers with advanced power electronics technology, mining the application needs and potential of subdivision industries, to promote the intelligent application of global energy interconnection and realize the common growth of enterprise value and customer value.

Sinexcel aims to control the changes of electric energy, in aspects of AC / DC / frequency and voltage and dedicates to exert electric energy productivity to serve mankind. Electric energy change is one of the most imaginative development directions of electric energy.

About Rolec

Rolec Services are a multidivisional establishment with over 30 years of experience in the outdoor electrical equipment industry and over 10 years of experience in the EV industry. Rolec offers solutions for AC charging products and DC charging products according to various charging scenarios, to satisfy requirements of home charging, commercial charging, fleet charging, etc.

The EV charging service led by a team of dedicated experts, providing installation, product testing, technical training and other after-sales support. Rolec is committed to providing high-quality products and services to customers, and achieving its zero-emission ambition.


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