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22 kW Interstellar, a new AC charger Sinexcel released in CPSE

Shanghai international Charging Pile and Swapping Battery Technology Equipment Exhibition 2021(CPSE for short) is jointly organized by China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, China Charging Pile Network, Electric Vehicle Charging 100 and other authorities. The exhibition focuses on charging piles and battery swapping stations and it has attracted more than Twenty thousand professional visitors entering the venue.

China has played an important role in the development and transformation of the automobile industry, but the infrastructure construction is still lagging behind. In order to improve the infrastructure system, the General Office of the State Council proposed that it plans to accelerate the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure and improve the service level of charging infrastructure; relying on "Internet +" smart energy to improve the level of intelligence; encourage multiple parties to join the construction and operate charging facilities to promote business model innovation while supports the development of the new energy automobile industry.

As an industry leader focusing on power electronic technology for more than ten years, Sinexcel actively responds to the call of the country, improves core innovation capabilities, and provides strong support for the development of charging pile products. At CPSE, Sinexcel released solutions for different scenarios and different needs to promote the development.

The latest European standard AC charger Interstellar designed by Sinexcel was grandly unveiled at CPSE, which is a high quality equipment that takes into account both appearance design and charging performance. Interstellar has a wide range of applications, covering almost all areas of people's daily life, supports home or commercial use, and can provide customized services.

With the design concept of "interstellar crossing", the charging pile body adopts a circular appearance with vitality, which is compatible and inclusive, representing that the integration of universe, man, nature, multiple life species and other elements. It not only expresses the beautiful vision of the harmonious relationship of man and nature, but also the insisted pursuit of sustainable development. In terms of charging performance, Interstellar effectively improves charging efficiency, reduces energy consumption, with advanced electronic power technology and leads the development of the industry.

Breakthrough of the traditional appearance design

Interstellar is light and agile, get rid of the bulky shape of traditional charging piles. Its compact and portable size is conducive to quick installation and destruction. The soft annular breathing light equipped three colors: blue, red, and green to represent three charging signals. It can adjust the brightness and color of the light and charging function, and set smart charging scenarios in different states such as charging, stopping charging, and settlement through Intuitive interface and intelligent lighting control. In addition, the soft light can reduce direct glare to protect human eyes with gradient effect, integrates the charger into the surrounding environment, and conveys the concept of harmonious development between man and nature to every user.

User-friendly design

Interstellar AC Charger focuses on Human-Machine Interaction and emphasizes personalized interface settings. In use of a large text display, users can immediately read the information; reduce the number of function buttons on the touch screen, shorten user's selection time; increasing the common key to facilitate user operations. These powerful features are designed by the most concise design language to enhance user experience.

High precision IMD technology

The casing adopts IMD technology, highly automated production, and whole body cast. The production steps and manufacturing process are simplified, which greatly reduces the time cost and the use of raw materials, improving the production efficiency. With the IMD technology, high quality casings are made with less materials and inks, in response to environmental protection concepts, and focusing on product upgrades. The high hardness casing greatly improves the availability of the equipment and meets the needs of users for long-term and continuous use. The casing of the Interstellar is scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life.

DLM system

The latest DLM system is applied to the device to make the charging meet the daily electricity demand, improve the charging efficiency, and bring to users the most optimized charging experience. Interstellar utilizes advanced intelligent algorithms to match the best charging mode of the car, automatically sense the charging speed and power of the car, reduce energy consumption  and  battery consumption.

Put safety first

Thanks to the leading rated IP65 dustproof and waterproof standard, the interplanetary charging pile performs and operates efficiently in the extreme humidity, extreme salt, extreme cold, extreme heat and other harsh conditions, fully meeting the needs of daily life. Interstellar is equipped with eight protection functions to easily face unexpected problems during charging, ensuring the stable operation of the charging pile and the safety of users.

Since its establishment in 2007, Sinexcel has been committed to the development of electronic power technology and entered the charging pile market in 2011. Sinexcel is one of the earliest companies in China to deploy the charging pile track. In the more than 10 years of research and development of charging piles, Sinexcel has always adhered to the policy of innovation-driven development, focused on innovating technology and products, adapting to the changing trends of the charging pile industry, and gaining a firm foothold in a series of industry reshuffles. Eventually stand out and lead the development of the industry.

Sinexcel will work together with leading charging companies around the world to promote the intelligent application of global energy interconnection, improve the profitability of enterprises and the experience of end users, develop new profit models in the charging industry, and bring valuable service to consumers. And also develop new business cooperation models, build a new pattern of coordinated industrial development, improve the level of intelligence to make charge easier.


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