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160-240kW Integrated Charger

SEC 160-240kW
The SEC 240kW is a high-power DC integrated charger, with a scalable and modular design, is an economical solution for fast charging requirements, serving all types and brands of electric vehicles on the market, supporting easily used by end-customers and operators. Ideal for destination centers, workplaces, fleets, as well as special heavy vehicles use cases.

Equipped with Sinexcel self-developed 40kW power module
Ultra fast
charging experience
  • Up to 240tkW chagring power, high-power integrated charging solution in response to fast charging market demands.
  • Options for charging cables to suit the charging and operating requirements.
  • 200A+200A / 300A+300A, choosing the most optimum cable configuration and making full use of charging power.
    160-240kW POWER
    Power of the SEC240 EV charger can be upgraded by adding power modules, the maximum power is up to 240kW. Equipped with 40kW power modules, the charging system can adopt 4 to 6 power modules according to various applications of grid capacity and charging scenarios.
    Reduce TCO and
    maximum revenue
    Giant power in small footprint
    Supporting to install in a wide range of locations and save parking area
    Optimize utilization
    Full use of power modules with flexible configuration to enable requirement fulfillment of electric vehicles. Fast charging speed and high charging station utilization with 96% efficiency to achieve ultra fast charging speed.
    Upgradable EV charger
    If owners depoly low power chargers at first and need to power up, due to more EV charging capabilities requirements or power grid updates, it is able to add power modules for increasing charging power by low cost.
    Easy maintenance
    Modular design enables easier maintenance and low maintenance skill requirement. The maintenance stuff only needs to connect the input cable on the bottum side, which can operate easily and quickly.
    Cloud monitoring&OTA maintenance
    Remote diagnosis and upgrade, provided by software perspective without private data collection.
    Safety and
    reliability assurance
    Stainless 304 enclosure IP55/NEMA 3R protection rating
    Undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, DC overcurrent protection, over-temperature protection, surge protection device, emergency stop protection
    Allow for outputing full power at temperature -25℃ to +50℃ without derating
    Adopted for a wide range of harsh conditions, against multi-dust, high humidity and high salinity conditions.
    Creat users a
    easy way to charge EV
  • HMI: 15" HD touch screen for users to start the EV charger, as well as monitor and manage the charging session. Users can use the charger with easy and intuitive charging process with clear guide to select connector and payment methods
  • Interoperability: Compatible with all EVs, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen, Nissan, Volvo, Zoe, Porsche, Hyundai, Ford, BYD, Kia ... ...
  • Payment methods: visa, master, unionpay, googlepay, Applepay, American express
  • Cable management system: The weight of weight block is slightly higher than the cable, therefore user can apply a small force to pull out the connector for charging. After disconnection of connector, it will retract automatically. Mechanical structure provides high reliability.
  • Certification & Standards &
    Customer Care
    UL2231, UL2202, CHAdeMO1.2, ISO 15118, DIN70121
    Customer support:
    Sinexcel expert team quick response
    Rapid on-site service
    Remote technical support
    Spare parts management
    Technical specifications
    Input voltage480 VAC +/- 10%
    Input frequency50 / 60 Hz
    Input type3P + N + PE
    Power factor0.99
    Connector optionsCCS1
    CHAdeMO is optional
    Output voltageCCS1: 200-1000 Vdc
    CHAdeMO: 200-500 Vdc
    300~1000V is the output voltage of constant power
    Maximum output currentCCS1: 200A/300A
    CHAdeMO: 125A
    Rated powerDC: 240kW
    Peak efficiency96%
    Operational altitude<2000 m
    Operating temperature-25 °C to +50 °C (Full power)
    Temperature deratingUp to 50 °C: 100% output power,
    50-70°C interval, linear power limit,
    70°C or more, module shutdown protection.
    Storage temperature range-30 °C to +70 °C
    Humidity5 %-95 % Rh non-condensing
    IP and IK ratingIP55/NEMA 3R
    Weight≤492 kg
    Enclosure material304 stainless steel
    Cable length5m (4.5m exposed from the charger)
    Screen15" HD touchscreen
    Communication interface4G / LAN Port
    LanguageEnglish (Support customizing other languages)
    Communication protocolOCPP1.6J
    EMCClass A (industrial)


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