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SEC240 Integrated Charger

Integrated Charger

SEC240 Integrated Charger is an integrated solution, power flexible distributed to two connectors simultaneously controlled by intelligent algorithm that realizes high-performance EV charging. It also supports high resolution large touch screen and cable management system, allowing drivers to charge easier and safer.

Ultra wide output
voltage & high efficiency

Output voltage 200-1000V, Constant output voltage 300-1000V. Support high power charging and can output at 240kW continuously. Compatible with all EVs in the market and meet future demands.

Ultra fast speed
charging with reliability
and scalability

With 200-240kW powerful charging

20 minutes for adding up to 500km

SEC 240kW is a high powered integrated charger of Sinexcel, equipped with 10-12 independent power modules to enable flexible configuration and optimize charging experience.

Pefectly satisfying the demands if public quick charging, can be used widely in the market to adopt for different charging applications. We also provide the option of 350A high current connector and support higher charging power.

Multiple charging applications
to benefit both operators
and end-users
Highway rest stop

SEC240 charger enables convenient and rapid charging during long-distance travel, serving as crucial nodes along major roadways, catering to the specific needs of EV drivers, particularly those embarking on intercity journeys.


Realize quick charging for vans, trucks or other special EVs in the same time interval because of the high power output, especially the 300A current output. In this way, the EV can quickly get full charged and then go back for work which is able to maximize working efficiency.

Construction vehicles

These charging stations cater to the unique needs of engineering vehicles, providing them with the necessary power replenishment to ensure uninterrupted operation. Engineering vehicles, rely on these charging stations to maintain optimal performance levels during their demanding work schedules.

Key features
IP55, IK10 rating enclosure

Support indoor/outdoor use, optimal functionality in a wide range of environmental conditions.

200kW or 240kW charging

Flexible configuration by adding or reducing power modules, it's up to your business demands

15-inch touch screen and user interface

Display charging status on the screen for customers monitoring at the real time. Adopted user-friendly interface, which can control the charger easily and be allowed to select the language.

Smart charging

Some smart charging functions, like remote charging and flexible power distribution for power-limited area are supported.

Higher power per unit volume

High power density make it be able to provide more power in one specific installation place.

Design for All users

Easy-to-use interface:

A simple and intuitive control interface with large, clear buttons allows disabled individuals to operate the charging process effortlessly, without relying heavily on assistance from others.

Low height and accessibility:

Sockets are installed at a low height, eliminating the need for disabled individuals to bend over or stand up excessively, thus enhancing the convenience of charging.

Assistive devices and signage:

Visual and tactile cues designed to assist disabled individuals in understanding the operating steps.

Easy for installation
and maintenance

Smallest footprint makes it suitable to a wide range of installation locations, even if it is located in a small place.

Modular design enables easier maintenance and low maintenance skill requirement. The maintenance stuff only needs to connect the input cable on the bottum side, which is easy to operate.

Supporting hot plugging: install or replace power modules without having a shut down and ensure the safety of users. The maintenance operator can diectly plugs out the bad module and replace a new one, without shutting down the power, saving the repairing time and the relative costs.

OTA function for intelligent diagnosis and upgrading to optimize charging performance. This software work can realize the control remotely and make the charger operate in the best status.

Support cable
management system

-Integrated cable management solution
-Save effort for easily use and access to the charging port of EV.
-Keep the cable suspended off the ground and avoid trip hazard
-Storage the cable out of the way and protect it from damage
-Enable the cable to be organized when it not in use.

Reliable product
and professional
  • Certifications:

    CE, TUV mark, UKCA, RCM
  • Customer support:

    Sinexcel expert team quick response
    Rapid on-site service
    Remote technical support
    Spare parts management
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