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Sinexcel SVG assists Photovoltaic industry, build green world.

In the last dozen years, people are focus on developing the clean energy to govern the poor environment caused by overuse the non-renewable energy. As the the disappearance of species diversity that people realized the worse of situation and hoped to develop the clean energy to replace the non-renewable energy, back the original look of the world.

Sinexcel had been actively contributing in protect environment from 2007 years, both in the living environment we lived and the grid environment people can’t see. Sinexcel actively cooperating with clean-energy customers around the world to provide executable initiatives in products and solutions, through the electronic technology to help customer to govern their gird environment, increases the productive and efficiency of the system, helps customer to apply the clean energy widely.

The grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system consisted by photovoltaic array, high-frequency DC/DC boost circuit, power electronic converter and system monitor, which can convert the DC power output by the solar cell array into the AC power with the same amplitude, frequency and phase as the grid voltage, and realizes the connection with the grid and transmits the grid to the grid. It is an efficient and clean energy.

Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system structure

The customer in Fiji who is a developer in Photovoltaic, but the power factor in system is too low had caused the low power deliver efficiency in system and added the losses in machines. In the utility of Fiji takes the fines to customer every month, the value up to $8,352.06 Fiji dollars, converted to $3,761.77USD.

Excess Reactive Units

After consulted the SLD and expected mitigation performance of customer, the product engineer Alan of Sinexcel provided the solution, which to use 2*200Kvar SVG to govern the low PF system. Alan drew the installed position for customer and guided the wiring and setting in whole process, finally as the PF achieve 0.99 ended.

Cosφ 0.99

One month gone, the customer gave the feedback to Alan, the Photovoltaic system whole power deliver efficiency increased greatly, and no penalty form utility! Every month can save thousand dollars!

Current usage

Sinexcel hoping the world can be more clean and green in living and grid environment, and also glad that can be a contributor in ‘clean’ the world. Do what we can do that accomplish the better world!


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