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SEC 30kW Integrated Charger

SEC 30kW Series
DC charger

The SEC 30kW Series DC charger adopts modular design and outstanding industrial design, is an ideal solution for Destination Charging(residential complexes, commercial parking lots), seeking a reliable and cost-effective charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. With its advanced user-friendly design and smart functions, SEC 30 can offer convenient and stable charging experience.

Ideal for numerous applications
SEC 30kW is the optimized option for Destination Charging, Fleet Charging and Retail Charging, etc.
Shopping mall
Smart choice for
destination charging
SEC 30 is perfectly suited for the scenario of people staying for a few hours at the planned stops along the way, ready to charge EVs at an acceptable and reasonable time.
  • 3 hours
  • 56-70 kWh
  • 10%-70% SoC
  • Cost-effective Investment
    SEC30 offers faster charging speed than AC charger, and lower cost than high power DC charger
    Lower construction cost
    The SEC 30 charging station offers a cost-effective solution for installation. It can be mounted on pedestals or walls, reducing the need for expensive installation materials.

    Compared to higher power level DC charger, SEC 30 installation doesn't require additional machinery like forklifts, relying only on human resources.
    Space saving installation
    With a slim 200mm depth, the SEC 30 is ideal for installations against walls, maximizing space utilization.
    Lower maintenance requirements
    The modular design of the SEC 30 makes it easy to maintain. Any faulty power modules can be hot-plugged in or out, minimizing downtime.

    Sinexcel's self-developed power modules ensure reliable performance and reduced maintenance needs.Maximum
    The SEC 30 charging station offers a low investment option for DC charging businesses compared to higher power alternatives.

    The reduced upfront costs contribute to a faster return on investment, making it an attractive choice for businesses aiming to enter the EV charging market. Minimum investment for DC charging business compared to higher level DC charging products.
    Powerful output in a compact enclosure
    With its smaller footprint, it can provide a more compact and space-saving solution for EV charging needs
    For End Users
    it is easy to install with flexibility and deliver sufficient supply to EVs of the family
    For Distributors
    order bulk with low purchase price as well as save the transportation cost and storage space
    For CPOs
    SEC 30 is a quick kick start to deploy DC charging network with lower investment
    Intelligent and
    futureproof design
    Seamless Over-the-Air Updates
    The SEC 30 charger can be updated over-the-air, providing easy access to new features and ensuring that it is always up-to-date with the latest technology.

    This feature enables quick and effortless software upgrades without requiring physical access to the charger, saving valuable time and resources.
    Adaptable Voltage Range
    The SEC 30 charger boasts a wide output voltage range of 50V-1000V, making it adaptable to future electric vehicle models.

    This feature ensures that the charger can support a diverse range of EVs, providing greater convenience and accessibility for EV owners.
    Dynamic Load Management
    The SEC 30 charger is equipped with dynamic load management capabilities, allowing it to efficiently adjust charging speeds based on available power.

    This feature ensures that the charger can operate reliably in sites with limited electrical capacity, preventing power overloads and reducing the risk of downtime.
    Key Features
    User friendly deisgn
    Visualized charging status with 8 inch LCD touch screen and LED pilot lights.
    IP55, IK10 protection ratings
    Durable weatherproof enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation and use
    Comprehensive protection functions
    Undervoltage protection, Overvoltage protection, DC Overcurrent protection, Over-temperature protection, Surge Protection Device, Emergency Stop Protection, etc.
    Installation methods
    Both wall mounted and standalone are applicable
    Connector options
    Support single-connector, is captible with CCS2 80A, CCS2 125A, and CHAdeMO 80A charging connectors
    Certificate & Quality Assurance
    IEC 61851, IEC 62196, DIN 70121, ISO 15118
    Customer Support:
    Sinexcel expert team quick response
    Rapid on-site service
    Remote technical support
    Spare parts management
    Technical specifications
    30kW Integrated Charger
    Input voltage380 VAC +/- 10%
    Input frequency50 / 60 Hz
    Input type3P + N + PE
    Input current50A
    Input power33kVA
    Power factor0.99
    Grounding typeTN-S, TN-CS
    Connector optionsSingle connector, CCS2 or CHAdeMO
    Output voltageCCS2: 50-1000 Vdc
    CHAdeMO: 50-500 Vdc
    Maximum output currentStanddard CCS2: 80A
    Optional CCS2 125A/CHAdeMO 80A
    Rated powerDC: 30kW
    Peak efficiency96%
    Operational altitude<2000 m
    Operational temperature-25 °C to +50 °C (Full power)
    Temperature derating Up to 50 °C: 100% output power,
    50-65 °C interval, linear power limit,
    65 °C or more, module shutdown protection.
    Storage temperature range-30 °C to +70 °C
    Humidity5 %-95 % Rh non-condensing
    IP and IK ratingIP55/ IK10
    Weight≤65 kg
    Communication interface4G / LAN Port
    LanguageEnglish (Support customizing other languages)
    Communication protocolOCPP1.6J, OCPP 2.0.1 upgradable
    Cooling methodAir cooled
    Payment mothodRFID/APP/Credit card
    EMCClass A (industrial)


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