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10,000,000 Amps Sales!!! Record Sinexcel Electric leads the world in the sales of power quality products!

Power Quality First

In 2008, Sinexcel's first modular Active Harmonic Filter was born. Over 14 years of deep cultivation that Sinexcel's power quality products have entered all walks of life, bringing reliable and green power and escorting the power quality to customers. Up to now, Sinexcel's power quality products have been sold to 50+ countries around the world and the cumulative sales capacity of current power quality produces had exceeded 10,000,000 amperes!

Continuous self-innovation, rigorous testing and meticulous production specifications have created Sinexcel's stable, efficient and safe power quality products. Sinexcel Electric always insists customer first, continuously provides customers with sustainable and high-efficiency services and being a reliable partner for customers.

Focus on Power Quality

Year 2007

Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd. was established

Year 2008

The first Active Harmonic Filter born

Year 2010

Sinexcel AHF series is renewed, new structure layout and stronger industrial application ability


Launched the first generation of Sinexcel SVG, Sinexcel entered the market of Active Reactive Power Compensation

Year 2014

Launched the new product SPC that actively responded to the Chinese Grid's distribution network technology reform policy


Launched the new product LVR that with 8-speed voltage regulation gear settings which to continuously ensure the stability of the voltage at the user end of the distribution network


Launched the new dynamic voltage restorer AVC-RTS that focusing on the problem of voltage sag


Launched the new product UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) that adopts high-frequency modular solution, which with fast cutting technology and ultra-high efficiency

Launched AHF PRO module with 98.5% high efficiency, 5ms compensation rate and 40% size reduction


Launched HSVG (High-voltage Static Var Generator) that Sinexcel entered the high-voltage reactive power management market


PQ current quality product sales exceed 10 million amperes!

Comprehensive coverage, power quality experts

Sinexcel Electric as the industry leader in power quality that committed to optimizing power quality and intelligent power management for different power supply occasions and industrial production environments, improving the efficiency. Covering both current quality products and voltage quality products.

Current quality governance products are used to solve current quality problems such as harmonics, reactive power and three-phase unbalancing caused by non-linear such as shock, fluctuation and asymmetric loads in power systems. The current waveform tends to be an ideal waveform with the same amplitude, frequency and phase as the voltage. Avoid problems such as increased equipment loss, decreased stability, and decreased efficiency due to current quality problems.

Voltage quality products are used to solve a series of voltage quality problems such as voltage sags, voltage interruptions and voltage waveform distortions in power systems to ensure stable and normal operation of voltage quality. Avoid large-scale equipment downtime, data loss and other losses due to voltage fluctuations, sags and other problems. Voltage quality products fully guarantee the normal and safe operation of product equipment and sensitive loads.

Global Reference

China Winter Olympic  AHF

South Korea Parnars Hotel  AHF+SVG

Saudi Arabia, oil drilling  AHF

New Zealand, water treatment  ASVG

Thailand, Mitrphol Sugar SVG

Singapore Marina Bay Financial Center Tower  AHF

Hongkong, NTT Data Center  SVG

Since its establishment that Sinexcel Electric has been focusing on the cultivation of technical talents and the scientific management of product quality, and the key resources are invested in product research and development and market demand. Sinexcel Electric takes "Customer first, Result-oriented" as the basic concept, adheres to the continuous iteration of products, always maintains the leading technology, and is committed to becoming a world-class power electronics company.

In the past 15 years, Sinexcel power quality product line has been making continuous progress while reviewing and reflecting, and had been striving to break through itself. In the future, Sinexcel will also carry the banner, continue to study in the professional field, continue to improve in terms of services, and continue to provide customers with professional and guaranteed power quality solutions.


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