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active harmonic filter

IEEE 519

Harmonic Control in Electric
Power Systems

Guaranteeing Safe Operation Improving Energy Efficiency


Sinexcel Active Harmonic Filter can realize 2nd to 50th harmonic compensation, compensation ratio can be set selectively by the customers, output compensation current follows the system harmonic variation, devoted to green power quality.

Different loads generate variety harmonic content which changes dynamically during different working conditions.


Intelligent Fast Fourier Transform

One of the biggest characteristics of Active PQ solution is to use information technology to manage energy. With the characteristics of high accuracy and high speed of computing power, empower users PQ will obtain continuous, stable and infinitely close to the highest energy efficiency of power energy.

Intelligent FFT is an iterative FFT algorithm based on Sinexcel updated computing power and ten years of experience in field harmonic waveform database.
  • Harmonic current decomposition
  • AHF outputs compensation current
  • 01
    AHF synchronously allocates the compensation capacity in real time
    AHF self-learns the system impedance characteristics, identify feature of individual harmonic order
    AHF detects the resonance point, stops compensating at this point to avoid amplify resonance, realizing the system protection.
    AHF continues to compensation other order harmonics, real time monitor the resonance points.
    When the system load changes and the resonance point changes, AHF starts the process of self-learning, self-adaptation and self-adjustment again. 


    3-level Topology

    · One more output level, less ripple current content

    · Output PWM waveform is more similar to sinusoidal wave, better harmonic compensation effect

    · The volume of LCL filter is reduced, beneficial for AHF module design

    · Less inductance loss, improving the system efficiency

    · IGBT withstand voltage stress cut into half, effectively reduce the switching loss

    · Less switching loss of IGBTs, more thermal margin, higher switching frequency


    Modular design

    Ultra-compact design, wall and rack-mounted structure and fine capacity distribution can fully meet customers' needs, suitable for space limit application, retrofit projects.

    Convenient for transportation and replacement, easy to be integrated into panel.

    Flexible engineering cabinet design, plug cabinet, IP54 cabinet, top and bottom cable entrance design to comply with different customers’ needs.


    independent air duct design

    Upper and lower layer design, IGBT heatsink and inductor, which account for most heat of AHF, are concentrated in the lower layer, forcing air cooling, fast heat dissipation, and do not affect the upper PCBA

    Upper PCBA auxiliary air duct design, expansion of heat dissipation channel, wide angle heat dissipation

    Plug suite

    Assist customers to build their own plug cabinet Sinexcel can offer AHF unit with plug suite, monitoring system, alarming indications lights, then the customer can build their own plug cabinet on site. Plug cabinet, no wiring, easy for integration and unit replacement, a more convenient and cost-effective solution for our customers


    Configured with WIFI control, working conditions and setting interfaces can be accessed by mobile phone, pad, computers.

    Extremely delicate and compact design makes it more suitable for commercial applications, convenient to be integrated into the closet of offices, even coffee shops.

    Based on MOSFET-Silicon carbon design, from 2nd to 61st orders harmonic can be fully compensated with up to 90KHz switching frequency, fast and reliable.

    Capacity: 5A/10A/15A
    Voltage: 400V (228V~456V)
    Weight: 4.98kg
    Harmonic Filtering range: 2~61 orders
    Dimension: 410*340*45(Rack-mounted) 410*45*340(Wall-mounted)
    Monitoring: WIFI/LED/7inch HMI
    Wiring method: 3P3W/3P4W (same unit)
    Switching frequency: average 50KHz, up to 90KHz
    Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ( auto sensingrange : 45Hz~62.5Hz)

    SINEXCEL Standard AHF

    NO.1 turnover globally, devoted to low voltage power quality application, single module capacity covering 25A to 300A, units unlimited parallel installation.

    Harmonic compensation & Reactive power compensation & Three phase balancing 12 operation modes can be set according to different needs. Eg. “H+B+Q”: harmonic compensation first, then three phase balancing, the residual capacity can be used for reactive power compensation.


    Capacity: 25/35/50/60/75/100/150/300
    Voltage: 220V/400V/480V/600V/690V
    Monitoring: LED/4.3inch HMI/7inch HMI
    Harmonic Filtering range: 2~50 orders
    Switching frequency: average 20KHz
    Efficiency: ≥97%
    Wiring method: 3P3W/3P4W (same unit)
    Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ( auto sensingrange : 45Hz~62Hz)

    98.5% high efficiency


    Every 0.5% efficiency improvement is a great step, Sinexcel Pro SINEXCEL AHF 3*0.5% efficiency promotion leading to 12,972KWH energy savings per year comparing to 97% efficiency legacy products.

    PRO SINEXCEL AHF 33% heat loss reduction can minimize the heat effect, extend the service life of the equipment, less maintenance cost.

    390CFM ventilation requirement applicable for more industrial scenarios, easy to customize the high IP rating cabinets. Lower air volume, less fan noise, more suitable for low noise requirements in commercial scenarios.

    Capacity: 150A
    Peak efficiency: 98.5%
    Voltage: 400V (228V~456V)
    Weight: 40kg
    Dimension: 500*550*190(Rack-mounted)
    500*190*550(Wall-mounted) < W*D*H (mm) >
    Monitoring:LED/4.3inch HMI/7inch HMI
    Harmonic Filtering range:2~50 orders
    Switching frequency:average 20KHz
    Wiring method: 3P3W/3P4W (same unit)

    Snexcel Solutions for Stpecial scenario applications

    Solutions for Oil drilling: Container scheme can be applied
    Solutions for Marine: Classification society certifications are available
    Solutions customized for high salt fog environment/humid environment/high temperature environment

    Dry contact board for remote control; MODBUS protocol can be provided for customer to build the background system. 4.3inch/7inch monitoring system can be configured for operation & real-time power quality measurement.

    Plug type: 75A/150A
    Waterproof type: IP56 AHF
    Dust proof type: IP50 30A/50A AHF
    Low noise type: IP50
    Single phase AHF: 5A/75A
    Assist customers to design their own plug cabinets

    Plug suite

    Field assembly and installation, reduce the delivery time and logistics cost

    Sinexcel offer
    • ● AHF unit
    • ● monitor system
    • ● alarming indication lights
    • ● plug suite
    Customer offer
    • ● busbar, panel
    • ● breaker

    SINEXCEL Standard Cabinets & Accessories

    Standard cabinet < W*D*H (mm) >

    Flexible IP20 Cabinet
    1. · 600W*1000D*2200H
    2. · 800W*800D*2200H
    3. · 800W*1000D*2200H
    4. · 1000W*1000D*2200H
    Top vent cabinet(can be installed against wall)
    1. · 800W*600D*2200H
    IP54 Cabinet
    1. · 700W*900D*1800H
    Plug-in IP20 Cabinet
    1. · 600W*800D*2200H


    Standard AHF


    Special scenario applications

    Plug suite

    Standard Cabinets & Accessories


    Super Engineering

    Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai international airports are super hub projects connecting Oceania, Asia and Europe, with a cumulative passenger flow more than 50 million. These are super projects of human beings.


    World’s top multinational corporation

    PWC International, Hewlett Packard, ABN AMRO Bank, Google, Boeing, Netflix, HSBC, Crocs, BP Petro, Estee Lauder


    Active Harmonic Filter

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