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Olympic Winter Games Sinexcel PRO Active Harmonic Filters go to the ice and snow with you at the Bird's Nest (National Stadium).

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics was held at the Beijing Bird's Nest Center Stadium. In order to create a beautiful lighting and dancing effect for the opening and closing ceremonies, the power distribution system in the stadium distributed a large number of large-scale LED screens, stage lights, lifting screens, frequency converters and other non-linear loads. Such non-linear loads will inject much harmonics into the power system when they are in normal operations that result in an increase in the system bus voltage distortion rate, with a maximum value of 13%, far exceeding the China power quality standard "GB/T14549-93" on related systems, voltage distortion rate <5% requirement.

Bird's Nest Center

Long-term operation of the equipment in a high THDu (Total Voltage Distortion Rate) electrical environment will interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, even cause equipment damaged. In order to build a clean voltage environment for the electricity loads and ensure the normal stage lighting effect of the opening and closing ceremonies, Sinexcel Co., Ltd. installed a total of 5200A Active Harmonic Filters in the Bird's Nest Club for harmonic governance.

Installation site

After the installation of Sinexcel Active Harmonic Filters, the power quality problems in the system had been significantly improved, the voltage waveform had changed from a state of severe distortion to a sine wave, and the voltage distortion rate has dropped from 13% to 2% that tends to a perfect sinusoidal waveform.

Before THDu governance

After THDu governance

Before spectrogram compensation

After spectrogram compensation

Sinexcel PRO no-CT technology

1. Break the traditional matching CT usage

The traditional Active Harmonic Filter is usually equipped with a set of external current transformers to detect the current, the detected current signal is transmitted to the DSP to analyze whether there is a harmonic current. Finally, the harmonic compensation current is generated under the driven of the IGBT to realize the harmonic compensation.

The no-CT technology no longer needs to use CT to detect the load current but still can achieve harmonic compensation, eliminating the connection of one or more sets of CTs to reduce the wiring trouble of the client greatly.

2. Compensate THDu good assistant

No-CT technology can quickly detect the THDu status in the power grid, quickly compensate THDu and easily meet the demand of THDu < 5%, which is more in line with the power quality requirements of various countries.

3. A new chapter in the marine industry

THDu requirements of classification societies, DNV/ ABS/ BV/ LR/ KR THDu<8%; RINA/ CCS/ RS THDu<10%;

Sinexcel PRO active harmonic filter adopts modular design, the installation method is convenient and compact, which meets the requirements of power quality and does not occupy space.

In this Bird's Nest treatment project, Sinexcel PRO active harmonic filters were used to govern harmonics that advanced no-CT technology was used to compensate high THDu and partially compensate THDi. Sinexcel PRO active harmonic filters provided highly reliable power guarantee for the Bird's Nest National Stadium, which ensured the normal opening and closing ceremonies in stage lighting effects. Sinexcel responses to the "Green Winter Olympics" to apply power electronics to reduce the carbon footprint in the power distribution process.


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