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SEC Series

SEC Series

Sinexcel has developed the innovative constant power technology, we follow a long-term strategy of marketing, reliable 60-160kW flexible configuration, a convenient power extension, components for high availability and reliability to cover multiple application such as hotel, hospital. we have a clear roadmap for upgrades make our charging systems future proof.

Technical advantages

Ultra wide output voltage range to meet market demand

200V-1000V, Compatible with the vast majority of voltage platforms and vehicle charging, Reduces operating expenses, increases carrier earnings, and meets the next 5-10 years of technology.

Technical advantages

Constant power output speed up charging process

300V-1000V constant power dual output segment, improves the power utilization ratio of DC charger, raises the operation efficiency and maximizes carrier revenue.

Technical advantages

intelligent dynamic power allocation

Sinexcel has developed the most advanced functionality for power balancing minimize the initial investment and breakdowns, improve operational efficiency, value-added activities that will increase profitability and support business growth.

Technical advantages

60 - 160kW Flexible Configuration

Customize the EV Charger power configuration for power range 60-160kW, and we reserve power expansion that the EV Charger reliable 180kW in the future, we are experts in developing the right solution for your needs.

Built in Safety

Sinexcel always put safety first


Sinexcel EV Charging Station Solutions


At Sinexcel, we’re experts in electric vehicle charging station installations around China in many different settings. We can install a wall or post-mounted EV Chargers, charging station for on-street parking, payment systems and back-office support, Electric Vehicle charging stations in garages, carports and driveways and can integrate with solar PV systems or energy storage system so people can charge their electric vehicles using renewable energy.


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