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Case Study | Benefit from a future-proof and cost-effective solution by using Integrated DC charger

I am delighted to have formed a strategic partnership with Sinexcel earlier this year, from the initial discussion Rolec felt we had found a partner who shared the same goals as our own, to excel in customer service, product development and to have a wide product range for all applications at a very cost-effective price point.” - Frankie Mellon, the Sales Director from Rolec


With over 15 years of experience in the EV industry, Rolec has a reputation for delivering cost-effective, saleable solutions to suit all budgets and requirements. Customized solutions for commercial charging stations are notable feature of Rolec. They provide tailored charging solutions for specific scenarios, such as home charging, workplace charging, commercial charging, fleet charging and development charging. These charging stations not only facilitate charging for employees and customers, but also enhance the corporate image and brand value. Rolec's collaboration with top global destinations further demonstrates their professionalism and reliability in this field


Rolec as one of our loyal UK distribution partner, have quickly established a reputation in the market by utilizing diverse range of EV charger products. However, they faced various challenges, including intense market competition, pressure for product innovation, and complex supply chain management. They needed a viable solution to overcome these hurdles.


We installed the first UltraCharge 160 at our HQ just over 12 months ago and since that point we have worked extremely closely with Sinexcel to further develop the product to meet the requirements of the UK market, integrating with cars, lorries, buses, and to identify features we wished to include as standard for our clients, such as a contactless payment terminal and long reach cables.” - Comments from Rolec

Rolec choose to partner with us,Sinexcel,leveraging our years of experience and expertise to provide the R&D and the manufacturing of Integrated DC charger. We closely collaborated with them, gaining a deep understanding of their needs and goals to promote smart solutions, and tailored a comprehensive and effective strategic plan for them: Using the SEC160kW Integrated DC charger.

Implementation and Execution

We provide comprehensive training and technical support to Rolec, From product customization to packaging design, as well as offer Rolec competitive pricing and flexible sales policies to convert the SEC160kW Integrated DC charger of Sinexcel to UltraCharge 160 from Rolec.

With four standard power configurations; 60kW, 80kW, 120kW or 160kW, the feature & function of the UltraCharge 160 make differences to Rolec by increase:

  • Charging Efficiency: Charging stations can automatically adapt to the optimal charging power based on the needs of electric vehicles. This means that both fast and slow charging can be maximized, allowing users to complete the charging process more quickly. It also helps alleviate congestion during peak charging times.

  • Charging flexibility: With the ability to automatically match the optimal charging power, different models of electric vehicles can be charged on the same charging station. This provides users with greater flexibility, eliminating the need for different charging equipment for different vehicle models, thus saving costs and space.

  • Charging stability: The dynamic power balancing feature ensures that charging stations can allocate power resources reasonably when multiple vehicles are charging simultaneously, avoiding issues of excessive load or voltage fluctuations. This improves the stability and reliability of charging, preventing charging failures or damages caused by overload or voltage instability.

  • User experience: Users no longer need to worry about selecting the appropriate power level or manually adjusting the charging power. The process is automated and convenient, providing a seamless and hassle-free user experience. Additionally, Customers can easily complete the payment process without carrying cash or credit cards, using only their mobile phones or smart devices. This eliminates the hassle of finding change or credit cards, providing a more convenient payment method.

  • Security: The payment methods usually employ encryption technology and dual-factor authentication to protect users' banking information and personal data.

  • Multiple choices: Providing multiple payment options, intelligent payment systems can meet the needs of different customers, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

  • Real-time recording and easy management: Digitized payment methods can generate accurate payment records linked to user accounts. This provides convenient means for customers and charging station operators to manage and query payment details, view charging records, and monitor expenses with real-time exchange rates. Additional function of Remote Monitor&Control.

  • International applicability: Payment methods such as RFID, Apple Pay, and Google Pay typically have international applicability, allowing their use in different countries and regions. This provides a better user experience and convenience.


With many workplaces now requiring DC & AC charging solutions to support fleet, visitor, and employee charging, it is imperative that we can quote and deliver a reliable product with a short lead time to include within our proposal.

The modular approach of Sinexcel has enabled Rolec to hold UK stock of 60/80/120/160kW models, offering next day delivery to our UK customers."- Comments from Rolec

The success of Rolec lies in delivering a high-quality and cost-competitive modular design, they have earned customer trust and a positive reputation becasue the ultra-rapid charging station has the ability to scale from 20kW to 160kW in 20kW increments, making it the perfect future-proof and cost-effective solution for public, fleet, and highway infrastructure deployment. The product has been very well received by the industry, and Rolec have experienced great traction, particularly due to the pricing of the 160kW unit.


Through our collaboration with Rolec, we are committed to providing intelligent, efficient and reliable charging solutions for a growing market of electric vehicle users. Whether it's public charging stations or commercial charging stations, we believe that Rolec's professional technology and excellent solutions will bring users a better charging experience and convenience. Let us embrace the future of electric mobility together!


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