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Sinexcel is a high-tech company of power electronics technology

Sinexcel aims to control the changes of electric energy, in aspects of AC / DC / frequency and voltage and dedicates to exert electric energy productivity to serve mankind. Electric energy change is one of the most imaginative development directions of electric energy.

Sinexcel is a GEM (high-tech-based) listed company with
stock code 300693

The company’s headquarter is located in Shenzhen, covering an area of 14,000 square meters; Sinexcel set up R&D centers in Shenzhen, Xi'an, and set up in Huizhou, Suzhou ,2 manufacturing bases, covering six continents in Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, South America and Africa.

Sinexcel takes power electronics technology as the core

Sinexcel creates the electric energy greater productivity and serve the human as the goal, revolves around the energy Internet many dimensions to start a business. Energy quality harmonic and reactive power compensation As a global technology leader, No.1 brand influence, NO.1 market share; EV Charger is the biggest opportunity in power electronics and transportation electrification in the next decade. Sinexcel has provided DC charging systems in the past decade to expand overseas business.


Established in

Stock code : 300693


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Research and development

Headquarters: Shenzhen

R & D Headquarters: Shenzhen, Xi'an

Manufacturing base:Shenzhen, Huizhou, Suzhou

Offices:34 provincial capitals and core cities

Business coverage:more than 50 countries in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America and South America

Power Quality


EV Charger

The first echelon of
EVOriginal equipment manufacturer
in China

  • 10+

    Experience in R & D and production of EV Charger
  • 50+

    Different specification charging products
  • 100+

    Unique Charge Control Technologies
  • 150+

    Cities using Sinexcel EV Charger
  • 10000+

    Charging systems running online
  • 150000+

    Charging modules running online

Energy Storage

Commercial & Industrial
Energy Storage & Micro-grid


Core competence

A strong R&D technical team

An industry-leading R&D technical team, continuously improve product performance, develop the ultimate product, and meet the ever-changing market needs

Complete and efficient supply chain system

Sinexcel has a complete supply chain coordination process and mechanism, which can quickly coordinate and match supply and demand, realize lean supply chain management, and create value for customers

Fast service response

7*24 hours tracking response, service network covering 30+ core cities in China, to provide customers with stable, reliable, safe and reliable service

Company culture

Leading Quality Development with Global Thinking

Many products have been certified and tested by many international authoritative certification organizations such as ETL, TUV, CE, SAA, UL, etc., to meet domestic and international product standards


Sinexcel's products have covered more than 50
countries and regions in the world

Development history

2007 Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd. was established
In 2008, Sinexcel launched the first modular APF in China and became the first domestic enterprise to apply modular technology to manufacture power quality products
In 2009, Sinexcel participated in the Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Competition and won the runner-up. The team quality, corporate planning and business model were generally recognized by investors
Obtained the double-soft and double-high enterprise certification.
In 2010, the energy storage microgrid product line was established to define the value of energy storage in the energy Internet.Developed the milestone product APF100A, leading the further development of modular technology
In 2011, an electric vehicle product line was established to promote the development of clean, intelligent and low-carbon energy.
In 2012, the battery formation and testing business line was established to escort the safe and stable operation of batteries.
In 2013,Sinexcel moved to the headquarters of Piowangxin, and the whole industry chain of R&D, manufacturing and service was booming Over 100 million performance
The company's business is booming and steady in 2014
Renamed Company Limited in 2015 EV Charger product line explosive growth. Active compensation technology power quality products shipments steadily ranked first in the country.
2016, Determine the power quality,EV Charger, energy storage microgrid, battery into and detection of four pillars of business.
2017, Ten years to forge ahead, landing in the capital market, gem successful listing, stock code 300693.
2018, Against the trend, in the difficult environment of the Sino-US trade war,Sinexcel still maintained the four major product line performance steady rise.
Open up territory, Shenzhen Bay Super Office, Xi'an Sinexcel R & D base, Suzhou / Huizhou Sinexcel manufacturing base has been used.Add intelligent distribution, industrial power supply and other business, accelerate the pace of market development.
2020, Sinexcel is supporting global efforts to limit COVID-19


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