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SEC480 Distributed Charger

Distributed Charger
SEC480 is a futuristic product, with scalable and upgradable charging system to suit future demands. It contains 1 power bank and up to 3 user terminals, amounts of the EV chargers in accordance with the power capacity and charging spots of the site.

The power can be shared dynamically and automatically with the flexible full-matrix power sharing technology, offering you the best opportunity to maximize the revenue and optimize profitability of the charging business.

User Terminal:
Powerful charging with up to 500A output current in a slim and small footprint. Compatible with all electric vehicles on the market and is able to operate efficiently in harsh environmental conditions.
Power Bank:
Equipped with 40kW power module, one power bank is able to provide charging power between 360kW to 480kW to 3 user terminals for 6 charging connectors.
Ultra fast charging experience
Support constant high-current charging
Example of heavy truck charging scenario
Flexible full-matrix power switching
With flexible matrix power switching technology, vehicle can charge with 100% accurate power requirement and the capacity of power bank can be 100% used.
Offer high speed charging
with liquid-cooled
charging connectors
300A+300A charging connectors as the standard configuration, and provide 500A+300A option for high speed charging requirements

Lighter and thinner liquid-cooled charging cable, with a ease of use

Support high power charging, powering more EVs in less time and optimizing utilization of the station compared with 300A charging cable
The charging system to increase
  • High power capacity to accelerate charging speed and improvement of charging station utilization
  • Allocate power according to charging requirement, supporting to be connected to charge at up to 500A and also adjust the allocation in real-time to ensure fast charging experience for every EV
  • The charging power can be intelligently allocated by flexible power matrix, and the power modules dynamically distributed to connectors without waste of power
  • Easy maintenance of the charging system, quarterly dust cleaning is only needed by power bank. The damage of the charging module has little impact on the charging system, and the remaining modules can be used intelligently during charging.
  • EV charger with 96% industry-leading high efficiency, and is able to dynamically utilize available power and avoid power loss in the charging station to enhance the operation capacity
  • Low noise &
    Small footprint
    The user terminal is a noiseless equipment which can output high power at low noise levels, and the power bank is the source of noise can be installed 100-meter away for noise sensitive areas or centralized noise processing.

    User terminal with small footprint of 750(Width)*450(Depth), easily access to limited installation zone and save the parking space.
    High-level protection
    ratings and
    protection functions
    High-level protection ratings and protection functions
    IP55/NEMA 3R, IK10
    Made with 304 stainless steel, support indoor or outdoor use, optimal functionality in a wide range of environmental conditions, against multi-dust, high humidity and high salinity conditions.
    Protection functions
    Input over voltage protection, output under voltage protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, surge protection, emergency stop protection, etc.
    Certification & Standards &
    Customer Care
    UL 2202, UL2231, UL1998,
    UL991, FCC, ISO 15118
    Customer support:
    Sinexcel expert team quick response
    Rapid on-site service
    Remote technical support
    Spare parts management
    Technical specifications
    Enclosure304 stainless steel
    IP ratingIP55/NEMA3R
    IK ratingIK10
    Protection Input over voltage protection;
    Output under voltage protection;
    Short circuit protection;
    Over current protection;
    Overtemperature protection;
    Current surge protection;
    Emergency stop protection, etc.
    Ambient temperature-30C ~ +65C
    Rh5% ~ 95%
    ProtocolOCPP1.6J (upgradable)
    IndicationLED & User interface on user unit
    Compliance and CertificationUL 2202, UL2231, UL1998, UL991, FCC, ISO 15118
    EMCClass A (Industrial)
    Power bank
    Input voltageAC480V±10%
    Input typeL1+L2+L3+N+PE
    Power factor0.99
    Peak efficiency≥96% (Full load ≥96%)
    Power output360~480kW
    Maximum output current1600A
    Dimension≤ 1400*1000*2100mm
    User unit
    Output voltage50~ 1000V
    Constant voltage range300~ 1000V
    Number of connectors6 (at most)
    Maximum current per connectorCCS1(conventional cooling): 200A/300A;
    CCS1(liquid cooling): 500A;
    CHAdeMO: 125A;
    Cable length5m
    Load sharingFlexible load distribution according to user requirement
    Incremental unit for output power distribution40kW
    Payment methodVisa/Master/RFID/Apple Pay etc.


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