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Active Harmonic Filter PRO

Sinexcel PRO AHF

Sinexcel AHF has been on the technology leader of power quality industry
Now, we have broken our own ceiling with brilliant innovations
  • 98.5%

    high efficiency
  • 33%

    heat loss reduction
  • 53%

    ventilation volume reduction
  • 40%

    size reduction
  • Meet the requirements of IEEE519

    Different loads generate variety harmonic content which changes dynamically during different working conditions
    To meet IEEE 519 standard, we must cover 2rd to 50th harmonic compensation, output compensation current follows the system harmonic variation, devoted to green power quality

    Approaching the
    boundaries of technology

    The law of energy conservation is the basic physical law, there’s a boundary and we are using technological innovation to approach its boundary. Smaller loss of energy conversion, greater savings
  • 98.5%

    PRO 98.5% high efficiency
  • 50%

    50% energy-saving
    comparing to legacy products
  • 98.5



    98.5% high efficiency
    energy saving
    12,972 KWH / 150A

    Every 0.5% efficiency improvement is a great step for power electronics
    AHF Pro 3*0.5% increase, 12,972KWH energy savings per year

    Air duct and sensitive
    components isolation design

  • 53%

    Ventilation volume reduction,
    full scenario applicable

    Ventilation requirement is very small, only 390CFM, applicable for more industrial scenarios, easier for customers to use their cabinets or higher IP rating Lower air volume, less fan noise, more suitable for low noise requirements in business scenarios
  • 33%

    Heat loss reduction,
    minimize the heat effect

    A continuation of high temperature can lead to the damage or failure of inverter, 33% heat loss reduction can extend the service life of the equipment, less maintenance cost
  • Innovation
    modular design

    High reliability
    fully protection


    Super Engineering

    Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai international airports are super hub projects connecting Oceania, Asia and Europe, with a cumulative passenger flow more than 50 million. These are super projects of human beings.


    World’s top multinational corporation

    PWC International, Hewlett Packard, ABN AMRO Bank, Google, Boeing, Netflix, HSBC, Crocs, BP Petro, Estee Lauder


    Internet Data Center

    critical occasion with the highest stability requirements


    Active Harmonic Filter PRO

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