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SEC80 Integrated Charger

Integrated Charger
Sinexcel SEC 80kW charger is equipped with 2 DC charging connectors, which supports the output at a maximum of 1000V and 80kW full power. It is suitable to various charging scenarios and also meet most of EVs’ charging needs in the market with small footprint.
Ultra wide output voltage & high efficiency
Output voltage 200-1000V, Constant output voltage 300-1000V.
Support high power charging and can output at 80kW continuously.
Compatible with all EVs in the market and meet future demands.
Support 80kW output power at maximum, to provide faster charging rate and promote user experience. Due to the modular design of the charging system, SEC 80kW can charge simultaneously, and the whole charging power can be separated equally to each connector, making the power configuration more flexible.
Make full use of charging
power to shorten the charging time
Power allocation: 80kW DC charging
The charger can provide up to 80kW power to 1 vehicle or up to 40kW power to charge 2 vehicles simultaneously
Operate at 80kW can charge up to 80% SOC to a 60kWh capacity EV within 30 minutes, fully meets the charging needs of most urban vehicles and can charge efficiently even in fragmented time.
SEC 80kW DC Charger is suitable for diverse urban charging scenarios, such as neighborhoods, office areas, supermarkets, and convenience stores. The compact design allows for easy installation in limited urban spaces, providing more available space. The lower power is easier to integrate into existing grids, ensuring grid stability.
Compeleted charging
DC charging
160kW AC charging
15-inch Large LCD Screen
●Clearer Information Presentation: Larger screen for clearer charging status and options.
●More Intuitive Operational Experience: Simple design with more space for brand promotion.
●Increased Comfortable Interaction: LCD screen ensures effortless operation even in sunlight.

Unique cable management system
●Flexibility:High elasticity wire storage, flexible and extendable, easily reaching the charging port.
●Convenience:Put back the connector to the socket, the wire automatically retracts and returns, eliminating the need for user wire storage.
●Durable Protection:Suspension fixing, isolating scraping and wear, extending product life.

Compact High Integration Design
●Compact size: Smooth appearance, thinner profile, adaptable to any location and ideal for limited available space.
●Effortless installation: Effortless and easy installation reduces construction costs and ensures a quick return on investment.
●Integrated design: Integrated and functionally modular design facilitates convenient access and maintenance.
easy installation
and convenient maintenance
  • It has the smallest footprint with the compact appearance which can be flexible with any location and suited to limited available space
  • Effortless and easy installation to save construction cost and enable quick return on the investment
  • Thanks to the integrated and function modular design, it is convenient to access and maintenance.
  • Install maximum charging spots with
    the lowest investment
    Charging Scenarios:
  • Destination charging such as shopping, workplaces, malls, tourist attractions, etc. For a few hours stay on the journey or on the work.
  • Be compatible with limited capacity grid which can not support high power charge points, the 80kW series charger can suit that grids and meet most charging needs.
  • Cost effective solution, support fast return on the investment by easy installation and operation.
  • Stay for 5 hours, can power the electric vehicle from 20% SOC to 100% SOC with AC connector.
    Stay for less than 2 hours, can power 2 electric vehicles from 20% SOC to 80% SOC with DC connectors at the same time.
    Support noise-sensitive
    area charging
    Intelligent control of heat dissipation fan
    The module can realize intelligent control of fan speed and smooth adjustment according to the detected heating states of the device for great noise control effect.
    Mute mode function
    The module can be set into the mute mode to reduce fan speed by derating output. The noise can be reduced and maintained <55dB which is able to use at noise-sensitive area.
    Connector options
    Support CHAdeMO, CCS2 charging connectors.
    Customized connector options for different user needs
    Modular design for
    easy installation and maintenance
    SEC 80kW adopts function modular design, which makes it convenient to produce, install and maintain.
    Technical specifications


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