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Sinexcel, world leader in EVSE, and elexon, industry leader in charging infrastructure for logistics, sign technical cooperation agreement

Sinexcel Electric and elexon GmbH have announced the cooperation that they have entered into a strategic partnership to provide EV charging solutions and achieve the ambition of sustainable mobility and zero-emission.

With the increasing electric transition of transportation, demands for electric vehicle charging infrastructure grow continuously. As the global leading EVSE manufacturer, Sinexcel has a wide range of EV charger products, including 7kW to 480kW AC/DC chargers. Thanks to the strong R&D capability, supply chain capability, and advanced technology, products are featured as high quality and high reliability. Sinexcel also has a definite direction to develop the product matrix for a rapid market response. “We are very impressed by the development roadmap of Sinexcel,” said Marcus Scholz, the managing director of elexon GmbH. “It goes exactly in the direction of how we access the market and its requirements for the future.”

The deeper cooperation is based on trust and interoperability in the last 2 years. Sinexcel provided great pre-sales and after-sales service for elexon with dozens of DC chargers installed in Germany, 2 teams worked closely to ensure efficient operation and maintain reliability of products to serve the customers. We exchanged technical details of hardware commissioning and software upgrading for the stable and powerful charging application, as well as discussion about the future trends in the field of EV charging to match the requirement and capability, in order to provide our customers with better charging experience and increasing profitability.

Together with Elexon we are improving our after-sales network in Europe, as elexon is a professional full-service provider who can provide installation and maintenance service with more than 300 technicians in Germany. Thanks to the successful cooperation with elexon, Sinexcel is able to build up the capability of on site service in Europe, especially in Germany. “Sinexcel and elexon know each other in the technical aspect over a 2-year period of cooperation, we are delighted to deeply cooperate with elexon that have collaboration not just on products but services,” said Roy Luo, Sinexcel’s general manager of e-mobility business unit.

The partnership between Sinexcel and elexon is an opportunity for both parties to expand the business scope and provide mature charging solutions according to different projects to benefit customers. We are looking forward to powering the world for a sustainable future.

About Sinexcel

Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd. is the global leading supplier of energy Internet core power equipment and solutions, dedicated to providing customers with advanced power electronics technology, mining the application needs and potential of subdivision industries, to promote the intelligent application of global energy interconnection and realize the common growth of enterprise value and customer value.

Sinexcel aims to control the changes of electric energy, in aspects of AC / DC / frequency and voltage and dedicates to exert electric energy productivity to serve mankind. Electric energy change is one of the most imaginative development directions of electric energy.

About elexon

Elexon is a joint venture established in 2019 by SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), AixControl GmbH and aixACCT charging solutions GmbH aimed at advancing the development of charging infrastructures for EVs across Europe.

Elexon operates as a full-service provider and, as a result of the merger, boasts extensive expertise in the field of electromobility. elexon focuses on charging infrastructure, energy and load management, as well as the provision of electricity via renewable energies.

With its 360° charging infrastructure solutions, elexon offers its customers holistic plug-and-play solutions for the planning, installation and service of efficient EV charging parks from a single source.


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