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3C testing equipment series

Consumer battery testing equipment series is an energy feedback battery testing equipment independently researched and developed by Sinexcel. It has the characteristics of classification, high precision, fast response and so on, providing high-quality testing services for consumer battery testing.

The product application

  • Consumer battery production
  • Research on the test
  • Quality inspection
  • Step recovery, etc.
  • Minor changes between millimeters can also be easily explored.

    Output measurement accuracy 0.05%F.S., automatic selection of current gear. According to the output range of different equipment models, it can be equipped with multi-current gear selection, and automatically select the most suitable current gear according to the working step parameters. Maximize the accuracy of test data to provide an accurate data basis for battery analysis.

    Fast current response, airtight

    Output current quickly reach the set value, support a variety of high-speed dynamic waveform and working condition simulation test.
  • ≤20ms

    Current response time

  • ≤50ms

    Current conversion time

  • Support a variety of fast dynamic waveform simulation test
  • Equipment linkage, a variety of environments catch up

    The equipment can be linked with BMS, water cooler, environment box, temperature, pressure and other sensors to form a high-performance detection system; The unified control of BTS software accurately evaluates the electrical performance of battery packs in various extreme environments, and uniformly controls and controls test equipment, making it convenient and simple to operate.

    High feedback efficiency facilitates green production

    The energy is transferred to the charging cell for direct utilization and feedback to the power grid. It has no pollution to the power grid, and can effectively reduce the power consumption of the power grid, save power, and greatly reduce the production cost.
  • >0.99

    The power factor
  • 75%

  • ≤3%

    Harmonic content
  • DCIR test

    The device provides a test method for battery DC internal resistance. It supports setting a value point and automatically obtains the required test result without manual calculation.

    BTS software, human-computer interaction one step ahead

    Battery detection and formation software is the background control system of battery production and testing system, mainly responsible for process step editing, test control, real-time data display, test process data recording and data analysis.
  • Centralized monitoring of multiple channels on different devices.
  • A variety of complex work step editing, multiple work step conditions combination judgment.
  • Generate data reports based on custom templates.
  • Data recording time:10ms
  • Safer test

  • Test safety

    Comprehensive software and hardware protection measures to prevent misoperation and abnormal conditions, to ensure the safety of testing backconnection protection, wire protection, work step self-inspection, trend protection, etc.
  • Data security

    When the ac power supply is interrupted, the device automatically records the power supply. After the power supply is restored, the device can resume the test and data is not interrupted. The dual-data technology prevents the loss of test data caused by manual or accidental operations.
  • 3C testing equipment series
  • Charging voltage
  • Discharge voltage
  • Voltage accuracy
  • Output current range
  • Accuracy of current
  • Charge and discharge efficiency
  • Response time of charge and discharge current
  • Charge and discharge current conversion time

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