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Sinexcel Interstellar AC Charger won an iF Design Awards 2022

11 April, in German

Winners of the world-famous iF Design Award 2022 officially announced:

Interstellar AC Charger has been awarded the 2022 German IF Design Award for its excellence design.

The German iF design award is a global design industry benchmark and is known as the "Oscars of product design". According to officials, a record 10,776 products and projects were entered in this year's competition. The jury consisted of 75 internationally renowned design experts.

During the evaluation process, the Interstellar AC Charger received unanimous approval from internationally renowned designers from various fields in terms of product concept, form, function, differentiation and impact.

The jury summed up the moving features of Interstellar AC Charger: "Interstellar AC Charger has an elegant appearance with a unique built-in intelligent algorithm that can intelligently switch charging scenarios and automatically adjust the charging speed and power to meet the optimal charging curve. The product combines elements of the universe, humans, nature and different species to express the beautiful vision of harmonious development between humans and nature and the relentless pursuit of sustainable development."

Beauty in form, subversive to the sensesThe Interstellar AC Charger is an innovative charging pile with a "Star Trek" theme. The product is an integrated injection molded product with a premium rounded shape and smooth lines that are both approachable and inclusive.

First-leading Intelligent AC ChargerInterstellar AC Charger introduces the first full-scene charging mode, allowing users to keep track of the charging status through the ring breathing light. The soft ring breathing light uses blue, red and green to represent the three charging signals. Through natural human-machine interaction and intelligent lighting control, the brightness and colour of the breathing light can be adjusted to adjust the charging function and set smart charging scenarios with different states such as charging in progress, stopping charging and settlement.

The ultimate performance, the ultimate experienceThe Interstellar AC Charger uses advanced intelligent algorithms to take into account the charging needs of different vehicles. It automatically senses and adjusts the charging speed and power, optimizing the charging profile and providing a "high level of customization" for each different vehicle.

The Interstellar AC Charger focuses more on the user interaction experience and emphasizes personalized interface settings. The interface features a large text display to help users instantly understand information, a reduced number of touch screen function buttons to shorten user selection time and a larger hot zone for individual buttons to facilitate user operation.

The products are made of ABS and PC materials certified by CCC (China Compulsory Certification), and have V0-level fireproof, anti-drop and waterproof performance. ABS+PC material has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, which can effectively prolong product life. At the same time, it can also be used for secondary use after being scrapped, contributing to the long-term sustainable development of the world.

Multi-scene Application, High Endurability in Extreme EnvironmentsCompared to traditional fixed charging posts, the Interstellar AC Charger can be used in a wider range of applications, including schools, hospitals, car parks, supermarkets, residential areas and so on, covering all areas of people's daily lives. It is compact and portable, making it easy to remove and install quickly. The upright bracket is removable, allowing the user to decide whether to stand on the floor or hang it on the wall to maximise space saving.

The Interstellar AC Charger uses industry-leading IP65 rated dust and water resistant technology, which allows it to operate efficiently and maintain excellent performance in harsh conditions such as extreme humidity, salt, cold and heat, perfectly meeting the user's needs.

At the same time, the product is equipped with 8 protection functions, which can easily face the unexpected problems in charging and ensure the smooth operation of the charging pile and the safety of users.

With the implementation of the "Double Carbon" policy, China's energy development will enter a new stage of quality and efficiency improvement, moving towards a cleaner, more efficient and smarter industrial layout. It also expresses our vision for the harmonious development of man and nature and our relentless pursuit of sustainable development.


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