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Sinexcel at Power2Drive Europe 2022: Advanced power sharing technology and product matrix for EV charging

Sinexcel team was at the Power2Drive exhibition in Germany last week, which is the international exhibition for electric vehicle charging and it is part of The smarter E Europe – one of the world’s biggest conferences on the energy industry. We introduced our full-matrix power sharing technology, charging solutions, and latest product matrix to industry professionals worldwide.

  • AC Charger

Interstellar AC charger

The correct choice for business and home charging. Interstellar AC charger is the winner of iF Design Award 2022, the innovative design can be compatible with all EV cars. Its fashion design makes it attractive while functionality and also makes charging your EV at the workplace or home a breeze with reliability. The Interstellar is one smart AC charger designed to change your life.

Mira AC charger

Using socket and smaller size design, the Mira AC charger can output at max.7 kW so it will be more suitable for residential usage. It is friendly to users with its simple design and operation which makes it easier to install, maintain and control. Mira is also designed to save power consumption and energy cost, just enjoy the convenient use of Mira AC charger.

  • DC Charger

SEC 40-80kW Integrated Charger

Equipped with self-developed power modules, it can output high charging power (80kW) with high efficiency. The output voltage of it can realize a wide range of 200~1000Vdc, which can meet most of EVs in the market and support high voltage charging. Using a new design, this charger can also support AC charging so that one parking can support three EVs charging simultaneously.

SEC 60-160kW Integrated Charger

SEC DC FAST Charger Series outdoor DC integrated charger adopts a new generation of 20KW intelligent charging module, single and double guns can be arbitrarily selected according to customer needs. The dual-gun type can be distributed, according to the actual charging demand to meet the charging needs of small and medium-sized passenger cars and logistics vehicles.

SEC 360-480kW Distributed Charger

SEC 480kW distributed charger includes power bank and user terminal, one power bank can support up to 3 user terminals with 6 charging connectors. The distributed charger uses an intelligent distribution algorithm to dynamically allocate the power according to different needs of vehicles.

  • Power Module

20kW power module

SER1000V 20kW has high efficiency, high power factor, high power density, high reliability advantage. AC input is 3 phase 4 wire, DC output voltage range from 200-1000 Vdc. The rated output power of the module is 20kW, and it can output at constant power in the range of 300-1000Vdc. It adopts three phase Vienna LLC topology and can reach 96.5% efficiency.

40kW power module

SER100040K3B module adopts Interleaved Parallel LLC full-bridge technology, which has the advantages of high efficiency of 97%, environment adaptability -40°C-75°C, wide output 50-1000Vdc, high power density, high reliability, module DC output voltage range is 50-1000Vdc, the rated output power is 40 kW. The range of constant power output is in 300-1000Vdc.

If you missed the opportunity to attend the exhibition, you can also contact us for more information about Sinexcel. We will provide customized charging solutions for your business, looking forward to sharing them with you!  

We had an amazing time at the Power2Drive exhibition in Munich last week, thanks to all who came to visit our booth! #Sinexcel team showed our ability to provide advanced charging technologies as well as product matrix to the market and we will keep developing for sustainable mobility and transport transition.


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