SVGC system = Statcom + ICMS controller + General LC

Fast response

The SVGs in the SVGC show the advantage of the electronic power switch

Fast response is implemented by SVG modules.SVG reaction time <50us, complete response time <15ms; The SVGs in the SVGC show the advantage of the electronic power switch. In the legacy SVC, the thyristor only serves as a fast switch, but cannot implement high-frequency fast switching. (The frequency is typically 100ms, while IGBT in SVGs can switch more than 15,000 times in one second.)

  • Reaction time 33.4us

  • Reaction time<50us

  • Response time14.7ms

  • Response time<15ms

Excellent compensation performance

Traditional reactive compensation may cause over- or under-compensation.
In SVGC, LCscanimplementstepwiseswitching compensation
SVG modules can cover all blind points and implementstepless switching

Realize more implement flexible LC and SVG applications

Power components in the SVGC solution (SVG modules or LCs)

can be flexibly combined to realize:SVGC compensation between -1 and +1

Adjustable pricing of the SVGC solution

SVGC solutions for different industries

  SVGC Plan A SVGC Plan B SVGC Plan C
LC 50X5 50X4 30X9
SVG 50 100 30
Compensation capacity -50~300 -100~300 -30~300

Impressive Compensation Effect

SVGC and LC can be controlled by ICMS at the same time.

Compensation effect sequence diagram when LCs and SVGs are used together (LC-compensation capacity 30kvar, SVG- 100kvar)

When the load' reactive rises sharply and LCs cannot respond promptly, SVGs will instantly respond and compensate the system reactive.


When LCs start compensation, SVGs will instantly lower the compensation capacity.


When load's reactive slides sharply and LCs fail to reduce capacitors used, SVGs will instantly generate a reverse compensation reactive to offset the LCs' excessive capacitors.


When LCs reduce the excessive compensation capacity, SVGs will instantly track changes to the system reactive and eliminate the residual reactive in the system.


ICMS:Settle the operating mode and parameter of LC and SVG. Providing 18 I/O ports to implement flexible SVG+LC applications.

SVG:Prompt response to system reactive changes, and complete reactive compensation whenLC over-compensation or under-compensation to ensure PF=0.99

General LC:Compensating the load for most stable reactive with few changes

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