We have experienced SVG technology for perfect PFC.
  • SPC - YunFu City
  • Port and pier - ZhanJiang Port
  • Forest industry - JiLin woodyard
  • Petroleum drilling - HongHua drilling
  • Food manufacturing - Harbin DingJin Food
  • Manufacturing industry - LiaoYang precision sheet
  • IDC rooms - ZTE IDC rooms
  • Food manufacturing - Thailand sugar factory
  • Solar Energy - TaiMing PV
  • School - NingXia Yucai Middle School
Reactive power
compensation to
PF 0.99
Over one million
KVar installation,
dozens of industries
Revolutionary reactive power compensation technology
Precise software algorithms control; power conversion with active compensation
Capacitors and reactors use antiphase's physical attribute to realize reactive power compensation.
SVG as an equivalent to a controlled voltage (current) source, is an active reactive power compensation technology.
SVG working principle:
  • 01
    External current transformer (CT) could detect real-time load current.
  • 02
    Internal DSP calculates and analyzes the reactive power content of the system.
  • 03
    Control PWM to send signal to IGBT to generate reactive power compensation current for power factor correction.
Power factor correction is users' core requirement.
SVG has the perfect performation.
Response time
less than 50us
Fast response
Sinexcel SVG dynamic response time is less than 50us while the complete response time is less than 15ms.
SVG could totally catch up with the load changing instantly to achieve real-time compensation.
PF0.99 precise
Outstanding performance
Conventional SVC could probably cause less and over compensation because of its group switching. With the advanced flexible technique, Sinexcel SVG could detect the changes of the loads and generate certain, equal but opposite compensation current to achieve PF 0.99 accurately.
Intelligent Fourier intelligent compensation
|Single cabinet configured with 500KVar capacity
  help save space for users.
One cabinet (600mmx800mmx2200mm) could contain five 100KVar modules.
With the increasing of productivity, customers' power distribution system space becomes more and more precious.
Remote control SVG via mobile phone, the first company in the world
easily realize real-time online monitoring and controlling
Sinexcel first brings SVG centralized monitoring to the mobile terminal to
experience the brand-new smart upgrade. After connecting SVG's WIFI and entering the IP
on mobile terminal browser, SVG's operating data could be controlled and monitored.
  • View system information
    View system information
  • System parameter Settings
    System parameter Settings
  • Monitor operating state
    Monitor operating state
  • Upgrade Software version
    Upgrade Software version
First SVG power quality internet management in the world
SVG back-stage collects the operating data every hour.
User could get the excel report from email by optional setting.
Excel report could be named for convenient management.
  • Periodic
  • Automatic power quality data analysis
    Automatic power quality data analysis
  • Auto-collecting per hour
    Auto-collecting per hour
  • Report automatically
    Report automatically
Extremely complicated, extremely simple
Simple product application is attributted to development of complex technology.
  • No need to take capacitor grouping in account.
  • Flexible cabinet structure design improves the
    space utilization and simplify field installation.
  • Modular design, plug-in application.
  • ITES maintenance-free, Donot need to be on duty.
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