Bi-directional PCS

Various energy storage devices can be customized based on customer requirements
Single-level energy storage device 、double-level energy storage device、micro-grid energy storage device
  • Single-level energy storage device
    Wall-mount device
    Single-level energy storage device
  • double-level energy storage device
    Floor-stand device
    double-level energy storage device
  • micro-grid energy storage device
    Container type device
    micro-grid energy storage device
Energy storage, with optimized power resource scheduling modes
In the energy storage phase, requirements can be effectively managed, peak power can be shaved and valley power can be filled, and loads are smoothened, so that power supply cost can be reduced by effectively using power devices. In addition, the application of renewable energy can be promoted, the operating stability of the power system can be improved and frequency of the power system can be adjusted.
  • peak load shifting
    peak load shifting
  • Decrease power supply cost
    Decrease power supply cost
  • Renewable energy
    Renewable energy
  • Micro-grid system
  • Large-sized energy storage power plant
  • Off-grid system
  • Backup power supply for low-voltage regions and regions without electricity
Industry original multi-branch input
Sinexcel's PWS1-500KTL power storage inverters allow power from multiple branches
to be directly input into the inverters, thereby limiting series and parallel connection of energy storage batteries,
reducing the risk of battery loss, and maximizing the use of batteries in echelon and the reduction of construction cost.
Plant-wide black start with loads
Sinexcel's energy storage inverters can achieve black start carrying loads in the entire power station.
A black start is the process of restoring generator units with self-start capabilities after the entire system shuts down due to faults and is in the all "black" state, driving generator units without self-start capabilities to restore, and then gradually restoring the entire system.
Supports access of various batteries
Wind、Light、Storage battery 、Diesel
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Storage battery
  • Diesel
|Modular design, facilitating construction and operation and maintenance of power stations in remote regions Independent operation for each module
  • Modular design

    With tri-level modular design, Sinexcel modules feature small size and light weight. Therefore, no large scale equipment such as crane and forklift is required, which saves time and effort. The design also greatly reduces transportation cost, reduces manpower distribution, and saves considerable fees.

    Modular design
  • Independent operation for each module

    We can reserve standby modules in the power station. If any one module becomes faulty, loads are automatically re-allocated between modules and the remaining modules can all operate properly, thereby ensuring the continuous safe operation of the system and that work can be restored after the faulty module is replaced with a new module during operation maintenance.

    Independent operation for each module
|Supports grid-connected operation and off-grid operation
Supports automatic switching between the grid-connected state and the off-grid state
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