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Theta is born in response to the big data processing and the unique intelligent control technology.
As an international brand, Theta remains the leader in quality and performance and provides the top-quality products for users.

Theta APF is a high-end international top-class active filter jointly launched by Sinexcel and Italy Wattcontrol technology company.

The name of Theta originates from the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet θ. It usually combines with Sin and Cos in mathematics to indicate a sine and a cosine respectively, which perfectly matches waveforms in transmission of power energy. It implies that we hope that Theta gets rid of inharmonious factors in grids to bring power energy to the perfect effects.

Theta can also be divided into The Ta – The only one. It believes that Theta is born extraordinary and is one in a million, and will be the optimal choice for you in the pursuit of high quality.

Sinexcel integrates the SCADA (data collection and monitor control) system, which Wattcontrol is good at, into the existing power energy quality system. Wattcontrol sends a large amount of user feedback about power energy quality data to Sinexcel. The feedback is accumulated for a long time in Europe and covers more diversified features of power distribution systems for users, for example, features of power energy quality of different loads and system impedance features in different industries.

In addition, Sinexcel updates the software algorithm based on these features and user requirements. With the updated software algorithm, they jointly developed the industry first APF system that integrates Wi-Fi and the big data of power energy quality. The APF not only serves as compensating harmonics, but also links it with users in deeper relationship through data convergence, enabling the users to clearly know about the system energy efficiency and power energy quality conditions in real time.

Outstanding compensation functions, industry leading performance
2 to 61 orders
Harmonic compensation
for phase angles of odd harmonics
Independent adjustable
capacitance and inductivity
Both can compensate
unbalance compensation
Harmonic compensation:

Can compensate 2 to 61 order current harmonics and adjust and configure the compensation rates for various order harmonics based on site situations. 1/3/5/7/9/11/13 order phase angles can be separately adjusted to rectify errors caused in the CT detection process and other non-systematic errors and calibrate the final compensation precision.

Reactive compensation:

Both capacitance and inductivity can be compensated

Unbalance compensation:

three-phase active and reactive unbalance compensation, and phase-splitting compensation

Multiple extended remote functions allow you to govern the site at home

  • IR light-controlled technology

    The Theta APF integrates human body IR sensor modules, and therefore can identify whether operators perform near-end operations and can automatically start the operation screen. The cool application experience allows users to enjoy the ultimate convenient management system.

  • Intelligent fan speed adjusting and control functions

    The Theta APF can automatically detect operating status of devices. The rotation speed of fans can be automatically adjusted along with the power and temperature of the APF. In addition, when devices are in standby mode the fans can be controlled to rotate at a low speed, thereby lowering the operating noise and extend the service life of high-loss elements.

  • Extension of dry contacts

    Each Theta APF is configured with dry contact modules. When the products are operating normally or are faulty, dry contacts output different enable and disable statuses to indicate the current operating state. Users can make the utmost of the output signals of the dry contacts based on actual requirements and extend the output signals to specific application that meet the onsite operating conditions. When the products are faulty, send alarm information and notify the operators immediately.

Global first APF mobile end monitor functions enable operations at anytime and anywhere
Sinexcel is the first to bring the centralized monitor of the APF to the mobile end and experience the brand new intelligent upgrade. After a mobile end is connected to the Wi-Fi of the APF, a user can enter a specified address in the browser of the mobile end to open the operation interface of the mobile end. The user can control and monitor various operating data of the APF using the mobile end.

Exclusive Android operating system

Brand new UI, pleasant visual enjoyment

The exclusively customized operating system is based on the open source platform of the Android operating system and can continue to be deep optimized. The system supports installation of various and customized Apps and customized Wi-Fi, 3G and other functional modules and achieves intelligent operation experience similar to that on mobile phones.

UI design
3D graphic
principle Demos

Highly reliable and stable elements

Reserves redundant capacity

Elements selected for the Theta APF are all used in highly derated conditions, so that the elements can operate in conditions below the rated bearing stress, which can reduce the failure rate of the elements and improve the system reliability of long-time operation.

In addition, the elements can operate properly in a wider range of ambient temperature, namely, -20°C to 50°C. When the temperature is higher than 45°C, the overheating operating mode is automatically enabled, and the elements operate in automatically derated conditions to maintain the system operation. The DC-LINK uses thin-film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors in hybrid mode, which extends the service life of the entire system.

Latest top-class industrial control chips

Users can enjoy brand new "Chip" experience

Control unit: World leading dual-core 32-bit DSP28477 chips manufactured by America's TI company.
Adopts C28x series CPUs. Each CPU contains three 32-bit timers. 12 channel 16-bit differential input is collected for AD sampling.

Computing units: Floating-point computation is applied to process more precise operating data.
1 MB memory, up to 204 KB RAM, and lower power consumption

World-class manufacturing

All elements are from world's top electronic industry chain brands.
  • Infineon

  • Epcos

  • ti

  • Altera

  • Microchip

  • AMD


  • Avago

  • ON Semiconductor

  • Murata

  • Bussmann

  • Panasonic


  • Lem

  • Vishay

  • ADI

  • TDK

  • Tyco


  • KOA

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