Lead acid series

High-voltage grid-connected design, certified with the lower-voltage ride through technology
Sinexcel's station-type photovoltaic inverters can maintain operation without detaching from the power grid when the voltage is reduced to a certain value, and can even provide the system with reactive power to help the system to restore the voltage, restore proper operation after fault elimination, and reduce impact on the grid.
Certified with the lower-voltage ride through technology
|Modular design, facilitating construction and operation and maintenance of power stations in remote regions Independent operation for each module
  • Modular design

    With tri-level modular design, Sinexcel modules feature small size and light weight. Therefore, no large scale equipment such as crane and forklift is required, which saves time and effort. The design also greatly reduces transportation cost, reduces manpower distribution, and saves considerable fees.

    Modular design
  • Independent operation for each module

    We can reserve standby modules in the power station. If any one module becomes faulty, loads are automatically re-allocated between modules and the remaining modules can all operate properly, thereby ensuring the continuous safe operation of the system and that work can be restored after the faulty module is replaced with a new module during operation maintenance.

    Independent operation for each module
|Unique air duct design, capable of
   obstructing wind sands and ducts
   and thereby improving power
    generation efficiency
The unique air duct can ensure sufficient wind pressure in the air cavity and has better thermal design as compared with the hybrid air duct. Modules are distributed in hierarchical structure, with the main control center separated from main heating devices, and easy heating devices located in heat dissipating cavity that is configured with an independent air cavity and a large heat dissipating hole. This effectively reduces the fault rate of the machines.
|Low startup power,
   extended power generation time, and improved power generation revenues
The photovoltaic power generation system can be easily started even when the voltage is relatively low and can operate even when the sunshine is weak, for example, during sunset or sunrise, and therefore the power generation time in each day is extended.
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