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Sinexcel UPS in Xi'an Olympic Sports Center

On September 15, the torch of the 14th National Games bloomed in the ancient capital of Xi'an Olympic Sports Center Stadium. The 14th National Games is the first major domestic comprehensive sports event held under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. It is also a comprehensive sports meeting with the highest specifications, the largest scale, the highest level of competition, and the strongest radiation driving role in China.

As a power service supporter for the 14th National Games, Sinexcel UPS products provide stable power guarantee services for the Games.

The 14th National Games Stadium is composed of "one venue, two venues" and outdoor supporting sports venues, with a total construction area of 520,000 square meters. The venues of the "14th National Games" need to carry more than 100 large-scale sports events, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the entire event and the opening and closing ceremonies are held smoothly. Therefore, the stability of the power system is very high.

Sinexcel UPS is applied in the south plot of the Olympic Sports Center, which fully improves the reliability of line power supply and meets the high requirements of the venues for non-stop power and voltage stability.

As a leader in the power quality industry, Sinexcel has always adhered to the concept of giving priority to customer needs and product quality, continuously optimizing and upgrading the company’s products, improving the efficiency of power energy use, and providing users with all-round, high-standard power technical service, contributing to the wonderful and successful presentation of the 14th National Games.

Sinexcel UPS has ultra-high performance configuration, the product adopts modular design, the parts are highly versatile and easy to maintain. It can effectively deal with the problems of low voltage, high voltage, abnormal frequency, power failure, swell, sag and transient in the power grid, and ensure the normal operation of user equipment in complex power supply scenarios.

In the future, Sinexcel will rely on long-term industry accumulation and rich software and hardware design experience to create uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products with strong reliability, high cost performance and excellent performance for customers.


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