Sinexcel  AVC-RTS
Real- time Active Voltage
Ideal solution for voltage sag to maintain power reliability.
  • Aims to correct voltage sag and voltage swell, 3 Sec full load support.
  • OFF-Line unit with 99% efficiency, standby until the sag happens.
  • Reliable design to maintain uptime economically.
  • IEEE standard specified voltage sag as
    10%~90% of rated voltage
  • 10ms~1min duration time
High frequency of occurrence The time of sag is unpredictable Short time and deep depth
Cause of
Voltage Sag
Voltage sag is generally caused by the failure of power grid, substation facilities or sudden large changes in load. In the process of long-distance transmission, there are many unpredictable situations.
Natural cause
  • Lightning
  • Rainstorm
  • Extreme weather
Power system cause
  • Starting of heavy machine
  • Short circuit fault
Unpredictable accident
  • Traffic accident
  • Construction accident
  • Animals invasion
High reliability
no maintenance , no duty
Perfect compensation 0~100% residual voltage to 100% rated voltage ;
Fast switching time less than 100us, voltage sag recover time less than 5ms to ensure the continuity of power supply;
Strong over-voltage regulation ability, rated voltage can be set between -20% ~ 20%;
7inch color
touch screen

1. Status information;

2. Operation information;

3. Fault and waveform real-time record

Users can make all settings for AVC-RTS on the HMI and read various parameter information. In addition, the monitoring will automatically record the voltage sag.
Power on / off
DATE&TIME Current operating status : Grid Vol. normal and Inv. shut down
Super capacitor
Energy storage units with fast charging,discharging and recharging ability.
No requirement of annual maintenance
No cooling cost to guarantee the working temperature
High power density ensure the installation space savings
Sinexcel AVC-RTS can help customs avoid these problems:
  • Unplanned production stoppages
  • Financial loss
  • Production line shut down, decline in product quantity and quality
  • Delivery time delayed and order lost
  • Equipment damaged
  • Time-wasted
  • Production line cleaning
  • Equipment maintenance
Sinexcel AVC-RTS is composed by inverter,
injection transformer, super capacitor, SCR.
  • Grid voltage is within the normal range, Sinexcel AVC-RTS standby. Energy flows from the grid to the load.
  • Voltage sag happens, grid voltage is completely isolated from the grid. Energy flows from super capacitors to the load.
  • Grid voltage returns to normal value, Sinexcel AVC-RTS stops working and begins to recharge. Energy flows from the grid to super capacitors and the load.
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  • Installation Reference
    Application — Semiconductor Manufacture

    Site — Shanghai, China

    Capacity — 600KVA

    Requirement — Double-sided polishing machine of DSP, ultra-fine processing, demanding high quality power supply.
  • Installation Reference
    Application — LED Panel Manufacture

    Site — Taiwan

    Capacity — 300KVA

    Requirement — The PCBA surface mounting machine belongs to the high-precision control equipment and is extremely sensitive to voltage.
  • Installation Reference
    Application — Cigarette Factory

    Site — Wuhan, China

    Capacity — 300KVA

    Requirement — Exterior grid construction leading to short circuit, voltage sags resulted in roll electronic control equipment shutdown.
  • Installation Reference
    Application — Beverage Packaging

    Site — Inner Mongolia

    Capacity — 300KVA

    Requirement — Laminating machines, cooling water pumps and printers are driven by AC motors, production interruptions often caused by voltage sags.
  • Installation Reference
    Application — Power Supply Manufacture

    Site — Shenzhen, China

    Capacity — 300KVA

    Requirement — High-speed SMT machines, high-precision control devices are extremely sensitive to voltage.
  • Installation Reference
    Application — Automobile Industry

    Site — Guangzhou/Zhengzhou, China

    Capacity — 500KVA

    Requirement — Paint line robot, intermediate coating paint shop, air purifier are sensitive equipment which demand very stable voltage.
  • Blue: Load voltage
    Green:Grid voltage
    Response time is 1.80ms, maintain the load voltage perfectly.
  • Blue: Load voltage
    Green:Grid voltage
    Response time is 2.76ms, maintain the load voltage perfectly.
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