Sinexcel EV chargers have been widely applied in multiple cities in China
Provides powerful guarantee for local new energy transportation
  • QingDao
  • ShenZhen
  • TianJin
  • HuiYang
  • ShenZhen
  • XiaMen
  • BeiJing
  • ShenZhen
  • ShenZhen
  • WuHan
Widely applied in different occasions
Charging tower、Living quarter parking lot、Charging station、Public parking lot、Industrial district parking lot、Energy storage charging station and so on...

Highly compatible output

To meet charging voltage requirements of different electric vehicles such as electric buses or
electric cars, the hardware is compatible with 450V and 750V charger modules.
DC voltage adjustment range: 200V - 750V Applicable to fast charging for electric buses and passenger cars
Output voltage: 200V - 500V Dedicated to fast charging for passenger cars
High scalability, configurable with multiple capacities
An individual charging point can be extended to up to 195 kw, with the dimensions of 900 mm x 700 mm x 2200 mm (WxHxL), achieving the industry leading entire power density. When an individual charging point is extended to 195 kw, twelve 15 kw modules are installed in the cabinet, which effectively improves the capacity of the individual cabinet.
Various payment patterns can be customized based on customer requirements
IC card reader、QR code operations 、Appointment via the mobile phone 、Transit access pass card
  • IC card reader
    IC card reader
  • QR code operations
    QR code operations
  • Appointment via the mobile phone
    Appointment via the mobile phone
  • Transit access pass card
    Transit access pass card
Multiple charging modes
All modes for different charging requirements are available.
  • Equalized charging modes
    Charging solutions for different requirements can be applied in a same set of charger systems, for example, one gun charges an electric bus and the other gun charges an electric car, with each output independent without affecting each other.
    Equalized charging modes
  • Alternate charging modes
    When multiple electric cars make appointment for charging, the first car is fully charged with the maximum power in fast charging mode and the other appointed cars queue for charging. When a car is fully charged, the next electric car is charged automatically in fast charging mode.
    Alternate charging modes
  • Fast and slow charging modes
    In daytime when the use of vehicles is in great demand and fast charging is required, the fast charging mode can be selected. A single gun at a single point charges vehicles at full power, so that the charging speed for a single vehicle is improved. In nighttime, the slow charging mode can be selected. Two guns at a single point charge two vehicles at half power at the same time.
    Fast and slow charging modes
  • Nearby


    The map displays service conditions of all charging points near the user's location.
  • 点评


    Comment on charging experience by giving stars and comments
  • 充电

    Charging manners

    Scan the QR code, enter the charging point ID, or make an appointment for charging
  • Monitor


    Remotely view the charging progress and remotely control the start and end of charging and exception notifications
  • Navigation


    Query the service conditions of nearby charging points and it will navigate you to your destination charging point.
  • Record


    Query drivers' charging records, appointment records, billing details, favorites and other similar information at anytime and anywhere.
  • Payment


    WeChat, Alipay, Account charging and payment
  • News


    Latest and most practical industry trends and your vehicle information
All-around protection

effectively addressing abruptly changed power service environments

  • Overheating protection
    Overheating protection
  • Emergency stop
    Emergency stop
  • Charging connection exception protection
    Charging connection exception protection
  • Insulation detection and protection
    Insulation detection and protection
  • Short-circuit protection
    Short-circuit protection
  • AC lightning protection
    AC lightning protection
  • Over-voltage and over-current protection
    Over-voltage and over-current protection
  • AC input over/under-voltage protection
    AC input over/under-voltage protection
  • DC output over/under-voltage protection
    DC output over/under-voltage protection
  • Setting DC output voltage/current limits
    Setting DC output voltage/current limits
  • Voltage/current limitation protection functions
    Voltage/current limitation protection functions
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