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Static Var Generator

Revolution of Power Factor Correction Technology
100% inverter based technology, 100% digital & semiconductor control, 100% intelligent compensation
Power factor correction has been an mature requirement, but harmonic increase in system brings too much challenge to it
A large number of inductive equipment, such as asynchronous motor, induction furnace, ac welding machine and other equipment is the main consumer of reactive power.

However multiple capacitive devices have been put into the power system, and high harmonic content in the system brings so much challenge to traditional compensation solution.
Step-less PFC, more accuracy performance for end user
SVG adopts high-speed computation components like DSP/IGBT with high accuracy programing control principle, extremely fast calculation, 15ms full process PFC response, PF value reaches more than 0.99, cosφ can be 1.00 stable performance.
Reactive power
Traditional reactive power compensation device
Basically adopts 3-10 levels of graded compensation
Each level is more than 10kvar which can not achieve accurate compensation
Static Var Generator
Started from 0.1kvar for step-less compensation
Fully realized accurate compensation
Step-less PFC, for dynamic changing reactive power with
more stable performance for end user
Fast response time: 33.3us
Definition of Fast response time: period of load reactive current surges to SVG begins to output compensation current
Full response time:14.7ms
Definition of Full response time: period of load reactive current surges to SVG output current reaches 90% of the load reactive current
Inverter based PFC, better performance for end user
SVG works equivalently a controlled voltage (current) source, adopts multi-level technology and unique control algorithm makes the compensation effect less likely to be influenced by the changes of system impedance and voltage.
Inverter based PFC, a one more direction compensation for end user
Focusing on high-power voltage-type inverters, SVG can quickly absorb or emit the required reactive power by adjusting the amplitude and phase of inverter output voltage, or directly controlling the amplitude and phase of AC side current, so as to realize the fast and dynamic bi-directional reactive power compensation.
Inverter based compensation, a more flexible
engineering performance for end user
Power electronics circuit with DSP control design makes SVG footprint reduced 1/2 to 2/3 compared to the traditional PFC solutions at the same capacity.
  • Small PFC Application Single wall mount unit
  • Flexible engineering cabinet, maximum 600kvar SVG contains in one 800*1000*2200(W*D*H) cabinet
  • PENZ Watercare Auckland
    Inverter Based PFC application, no capacitor required, single SVG module can be 200kvar
Biggest and widest product family and solution

Inverter PFC module, flexible engineering

Inverter modules in panel, step- less/dynamic/reliable PFC
Container solution(1.8M SVG )

Single module capacity/Ampere:30-50-75-100-110-200
Voltage range/Volts: 220-400-480-600-690
Solution: standard/customized for difficult applications like
furnace and welding /customized for
high IP level/container design
Industrial Manufacturing
Food and beverage, plastic, paper, semiconductor, chemistry, pharmacy, paper, cement, oil drilling, automation
Airport-metro and railway, tunnel, water treatment, schools/campus, museums, hospital, government building
ECO Building
Skyscraper-commercial building, shopping mall, apartments
Telecom, banking, internet companies
More than 2million Ampere installation around the world
Applications cover Automation Manufacturing, Infrastructure, ECO Building, IDC Applications cover indoor/outdoor, high altitude (hot/cold) mechanical environment/ dusty application, land/offshore severe environment.
Industrial Manufacturing
Malaysia, Perodua, SVG 1800kvar
Welding process load changes too fast, capacitor bank can not switch in.
Thailand, Exedy, SVG 1700kvar
Press machines have very poor power factor, while the load current changes really fast that capacitor bank can not catch up and high harmonic current does great harm to the cap banks.
Australia, Turbo Smart, SVG 200 kvar
SVG works for CNC machine to do the reactive power compensation and three-phase balancing.
Australia, Griffith University, SVG 4300kAr
New Zealand, Parliament Library, SVG 200kvar
John Fulton was taking photo for SVG performance, because he be surprised at the consistent Cos fi 0.99 by SVG

Hong Kong, China, NTT Data Center, SVG 3500kvar

One of the most important data center in Asia, the stock market data of the US is running at this facility. SVGs take charge of both lagging and leading PF from UPS, fully protect the normal operation of the mainframe.

South Korea, LG Plus, SVG 3300kvar

ECO Building

Hong Kong, China, Far East Financial Center, SVG 100kvar

High speed lift keeps running up and down which generates very dynamic current, SVG 15ms full response time to easily cover the fast changing current challenge and realizes cosφ 0.99

South Korea, Parnars Hotel, SVG 1550kvar