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Sinexcel Active Harmonic Filter

Ideal solution for Harmonic &
Reactive Power & Unbalanced
Ensuring the comply with IEEE 519 standard 
Guaranteeing safe operation
Improving production efficiency
Comply with the harmonic limitation in different industries
Real-time compensation according to dynamic harmonic change
High reliable harmonic compensation solution in harsh environment
1External CT detects load current
2AHF calculates the harmonic content through Intelligent Fast Fourier algorithm.
3AHF generates opposite phase compensation current of the same amplitude
Typical Harmonic Load
  • Rectifying device — the largest harmonic loads Challenge from fast changing current to power quality
  • Furnace — the most difficult harmonic load to handle Dilemma of power quality in production process
  • VFD — the biggest AHF application for harmonics    Contradiction between energy saving and power quality
Intelligent Fast
Fourier Transform

Upgraded from FFT algorithm, contributing to consistent reliable compensation, accurate analysis leading to precise compensation.

Core technology coming from diligence of R&D team, gained by accumulations of thousands site applications.

3-level Topology

Output voltage and current is much more sinusoidal and the THD is better.

Higher efficiency    Smaller heat sink    Better reliability

Every phase leg consists of 6 semiconductors: 4 IGBTs and 2 Diodes, connect the module to AC and to the DC-link: DC+, DC- and N (neutral). The DC-link is split in two symmetric halves connected in series; the upper half connecting DC+ and N, the lower half connecting N and DC-. PWM with three voltage levels where the three level topology has its name from.

Modular design
Easy integration into the system   Convenient to replace and move
Ultra-compact design, wall and rack-mounted structure and fine capacity distribution can fully meet customers' needs, suitable for space limit application, retrofit projects
Flexible engineering cabinet design, plug cabinet, IP54 cabinet, top and bottom cable entrance design.
Biggest and widest
product family and solution
Single module capacity/Ampere,5-10-15-25-35-60-75-90-100-150-300
Voltage range/Volts: 220-400-480-600-690
Solution: standard/customized for difficult applications like furnace and welding /customized for high IP level/container design
Industrial Manufacturing
Food and beverage, plastic, paper, semiconductor, chemistry, pharmacy, paper, cement, oil drilling, automation
Airport-metro and railway,tunnel, water treatment, schools/campus, museums, hospital, government building
ECO Building
Skyscraper-commercial building, shopping mall, apartments
Telecom, banking, internet companies
More than 2million Ampere installation around the world
Applications cover Automation Manufacturing, Infrastructure, ECO Building, IDC Applications cover indoor/outdoor, high altitude (hot/cold) mechanical environment/ dusty application, land/offshore severe environment.
Industrial Manufacturing
The United Kingdom, Glabina cheese, AHF 350A
Canada, Hylife Food, AHF 1440A
China, Beijing Tian An Men Square, AHF 440A
Hong Kong Airport, AHF 5000A Singapore Airport, AHF 150A
Dubai Airport, AHF 700A
Goteborg Airport, SVG 270kvar by inverter based PQ
Australia, Sydney Opera house, AHF 200A
ECO Building
Singapore, Microsoft Headquarter of
Southeast Asia, AHF 1800A
Marina Bay Financial Center Tower , AHF 5000A+
(Hewlett Packard, Oracle, ABN AMRO Bank, Google, Boeing, etc,.)
Hong Kong, China, Equinix, AHF 600A
Hong Kong, China, China Unicom Data Centre, AHF 4425A